Lucca Con 2010 Sketch_01: Scott Morse

November 21, 2010

Batman & Tiger by Scott Morse

Artist:  Scott Morse
Date:  October 31, 2010
Location:  Lucca Comics and Games, Lucca, Italy


Not Batusi – Daniel’s Birthday Present: Spider-Man

April 18, 2010
Spider-Man by Agnes Garbowska

Spider-Man by Agnes Garbowska

Artist: Agnes Garbowska
Subject: Spider-Man
Date: April 21, 2009
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Note(s): Commissioned last year as a gift for Brian and Sarah’s son, Daniel. Happy Birthday, Daniel!

C2E2: The Day Before

April 15, 2010

I arrived in Chicago early this morning for C2E2.  We are staying at the McCormick Hyatt which is next door to the montrosity that is McCormick Place Convention Centre.

You have to walk under these colourful banners located near the east hall where the C2E2 show is located.  Little things that Reed is doing to make this a fun show.

Live Blog: 2010 Wizard World Toronto

March 27, 2010

09:45 am – Looks like I’ll be heading out to the Wizard World show at some point today so I’ll live blog the experience. If you followed my Twitter feed last night you’ll remember that this ‘positive’ Day 1 con report [EDIT:  This is NOT my review.  I only went for Day 2.  Nor am I Ty Templeton. ] sapped any remaining enthusiasm I had for this show. Let us hope Day 2 is better.

12:15 pm – decent crowd but not great.

1:26 pm – Mike Hoffman working on an addition to the DTB collection

2:10 pm – photo op anyone

2:26 pm – there’s super hero wrestling march going on right now!

3:17 pm – having a long and interesting conversation with Andre from HEROES WORLD. His views on the future of comic stores is scary and enlightening.

3:42 pm – everyone is allowed back in after the show floor was evacuated

5:21pm – Goodbye Wizard World. It was surprisingly enjoyable. Day 2 was much better than the Day 1 reports I read. Day 3 has a lot of exhibitors worried. Sundays are historically the slowest day.

Batman and Robin #1 – Frank Quitely In The Raw, Part Three

March 24, 2010

Part One is here.

Part Two is here.

Batman and Robin Issue #1 - Page 17

Batman and Robin Issue #1 - Page 18

Batman and Robin Issue #1 - Page 19

Batman and Robin Issue #1 - Page 19

Batman and Robin Issue #1 - Page 20

Batman and Robin Issue #1 - Page 21

Batman and Robin Issue #1 - Page 22

Batman and Robin Issue #1 - Page 23

Batman and Robin #1 – Frank Quitely In The Raw, Part One

March 22, 2010

I found these images tonight while cleaning out my computer files in advance of the newly purchased laptop’s arrival.

Mitch Itkowitz, of  Graphic Collectibles, is Frank Quitely’s original art rep.  He posted these amazing original pencils of the complete issue of BATMAN AND ROBIN #1 for sale about a 10 months ago.  (No inks as the book was digitally inked and coloured straight from the pencils.)

I would so totally buy Quitely’s BAR in B&W.

PART TWO (coming March 23, 2010)

PART THREE (coming March 24, 2010)

Batman and Robin Issue #1 - Cover

Batman and Robin Issue #1 - Page 01

Batman and Robin Issue #1 - Pages 02 & 03

Batman and Robin Issue #1 - Pages 04 & 05

Batman and Robin Issue #1 - Page 06

Batman and Robin Issue #1 - Page 07

Batman and Robin Issue #1 - Page 08

Batman and Robin Issue #1 - Page 09


A Shout Out

March 15, 2010

…from A.C.K. over at her (I’m assuming that the inscription “To Amy” is the ‘A’ in “A.C.K.  If not, please let me know.) blog, In Continuity.

I am a bit jealous when I see that Jo Chen Nightwing sketch.  And juuuuuuuusst a little envious when looking at Lauren Perry’s Batwoman painting.

Checkout the blog’s Emerald City Comic Con post for larger images.

And thanks for the Shout Out 🙂