Live Blog: 2010 Wizard World Toronto

09:45 am – Looks like I’ll be heading out to the Wizard World show at some point today so I’ll live blog the experience. If you followed my Twitter feed last night you’ll remember that this ‘positive’ Day 1 con report [EDIT:  This is NOT my review.  I only went for Day 2.  Nor am I Ty Templeton. ] sapped any remaining enthusiasm I had for this show. Let us hope Day 2 is better.

12:15 pm – decent crowd but not great.

1:26 pm – Mike Hoffman working on an addition to the DTB collection

2:10 pm – photo op anyone

2:26 pm – there’s super hero wrestling march going on right now!

3:17 pm – having a long and interesting conversation with Andre from HEROES WORLD. His views on the future of comic stores is scary and enlightening.

3:42 pm – everyone is allowed back in after the show floor was evacuated

5:21pm – Goodbye Wizard World. It was surprisingly enjoyable. Day 2 was much better than the Day 1 reports I read. Day 3 has a lot of exhibitors worried. Sundays are historically the slowest day.


2 Responses to Live Blog: 2010 Wizard World Toronto

  1. […] Ty [not Templeton but another guy who collects drawing of characters doing the Batusi] liveblogs a little bit with photos, following his first impression posted […]

  2. Rob says:

    I remember the wrestling going on at a Convention in Chicago too, a few years back. Strangely, it seems to fit.

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