Not Batusi – Moon Knight by Stephen Platt

Moon Knight by Stephen Platt

Moon Knight by Stephen Platt

ArtistStephen Platt
Subject: Moon Knight
August 24, 1994
Location: Sport Card and Comic Show, Metro Convention Centre (North), Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Note(s): This is the first sketch I ever received.  Stephen Platt had just come of a popular run on MOON KNIGHT and was working on PROPHET for Image. The I think I waited in line about 45 minutes for this sketch.  Luckily it was much better than the one an obnoxious kid in front got.

The kid kept bugging and bugging Stephen for a bloody, violent sketch.  You could tell it was beggining to get on Platt’s nerves.  He grabs a backing board and starts to draw a violent gangland style firefight complete with blood.  The obnoxious kid is in shock when he realizes that yes, that sketch of bloody, limbless stick figures shooting and maiming was his.  I wish I had taken a picture of the look on his face.


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