A Shout Out

…from A.C.K. over at her (I’m assuming that the inscription “To Amy” is the ‘A’ in “A.C.K.  If not, please let me know.) blog, In Continuity.

I am a bit jealous when I see that Jo Chen Nightwing sketch.  And juuuuuuuusst a little envious when looking at Lauren Perry’s Batwoman painting.

Checkout the blog’s Emerald City Comic Con post for larger images.

And thanks for the Shout Out 🙂

2 Responses to A Shout Out

  1. A.C.K. says:

    Yes indeed, it’s Amy! Ran across your blog a few months ago, was really impressed and amused. I wouldn’t bite your idea completely but I thought I’d like to have ONE Batusi sketch!

  2. Ty says:

    LOL – you can get as many as you’d like. And thanks for the kind words.

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