075: Death-tusi by Gary Frank

Death of The Endless by Gary Frank

‘Tusi #: 075
ArtistGary Frank
Subject: Death (Sandman, The Endless)
Date: October 31, 2009
Location: Lucca Comics & Games, Lucca, Italy

Notes: I had gone to Italy with absolutely no intentions of getting any Batusi sketches.  I just figured that with my severe inability to speak the Italian langauge without causing a possible World War I would be better served just getting generic sketches.

I had just finished reading all 4 Absolute volumes of Neil Gaiman’s SANDMAN.  I thought that those characters would make for some nice sketch subject requests while in Europe.

Gary was not a guest of the show but my friend Tiziano introduced him to me while he was walking about.  Gary was kind enough to agree to draw a little doodle for me.  I asked for Death but then Tiziano mentioned the Doing the Batusi theme.  Gary kind of smirked and I thought, “no way in hell is he doing that theme.”  He took away my sketchbook and returned it the next day.

Yeah, I was left just a little bit speechless when I opened the sketchbook.


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