Ch-ch-ch-changes: An Update

I’ve been very lax in updating this blog (and the other two) since my trip to Europe in November.  Some real-life issues reared their ugly pusses but some much needed plastic surgery with a little lovingly applied make-up and things are getting back on track.

I’m going to take this opportunity and fold the 3 blogs into this one.  But don’t fear DTB will still be heavily art focused.

Look for some reports (with PICTURES!) on the Lucca Comics & Games/Florence/Siena/Paris experiences to start popping up in the next couple of days.  And more sketches and commissions I’ve yet to post.

In the meantime,  please check out the amazing Goran Sudzuka‘s Lucca report (with PICTURES!):

Lucca Part 01

Lucca Part 02

Lucca Part 03
(w/link to my Facebook Cosplay Photo Album)

Lucca Part 04

At a restaurant in Florence. Tiziano, Fletcher, Ricardo, Me, Goran, Chris and Sal


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  1. […] attending this massive festival of comic book love.  I really did mean to write  a recap of my exeriences from the 2009 but never got around to […]

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