Days 2 & 3 – Lucca Comics & Games Festival – A Bianchi Book Signing

October 29, 2010

I realized why  I did not make any blog posts last year while the Festival was on going:  there is just too much going on to be able to sit down and properly write one. 

The con starts tomorrow or about 7 hours  as I write this.  The apartment is full now that C.B. has arrived.

I spent the last 2 days moving around the beautiful city of Lucca, playing tourist.  I was able to revisit the art exhibition and will post pics in the next two weeks or so.

Tonight after dinner, we headed of to Simone Biannchi`s book signing/Q&A at Edison Books.  What a great bokstoore!


The bookstore is in what was originally a bank.  Huge cathedral ceilings with bright lighting.  Tons of books.  A nice spacious area to sit and relax.  And a bar area where you get food and drinks.  The bartender made for us the best screwdrivers I’ve ever tasted.

Freshly squeezed OJ makes a Screwdriver a SCREWDRIVER!

Simone’s book signing was a combo presentation/discussion/book signing/portfolio review.  It lasted about 2 1/2 hours, ending at midnight, and packed the bookstore. We ended up celebrating at a bar nearby that is owned by Andrea Silvestri’s , Simone’s assistant, brother.  Something called a  Maxi Hot Dog was ordered by all.  Basically it is a cheesy hot dog panini.  In retrospect, this was not the best way to end the night!


2010 Lucca Comics and Games Festival – The Days Leading Up To

October 26, 2010

Arrived in Lucca, Italy (by way of Rome and Pisa) earlier this morning after spending almost 7,100 KMs in the air.  Its my second consecutive year attending this massive festival of comic book love.  I really did mean to write  a recap of my exeriences from 2009 but never got around to it. 

So I will have to rectify that massive oversight this year. 

Day 1 was fairly uneventful.  Everyone arrived from different parts of North America at the Pisa airport.  A short taxi ride  later and we were inside the walls of Lucca.  A quick wash of the face and brush of the teeth and we were off to grab some lunch.  Before long we were back in the apartment.

2 glasses of wine and snack crackers. Airline life!

Delicious Tortelli Lucchese


Walked over with Tiziano a little later in the afternoon to visit with Gary Frank, DC artist extraordinnaire.  Gary has an exhibit of his artwork in a local museum.  Among the other exhibits were a tribute to the early underground comix (R.Crumb etc.), Max Frezzato and Gianni De Como.  Being exposed to some of the European artists, most of whom I had never seen before, was like a visual orgasm.   EDIT:  Pictures were taken with my iPhone camera.  I’ll revisit the exhibits and get better pics.

Old School Master and Old Skool Master

10 to 12 foot blow up of a special piece Gary Frank did for this exhibit

Gianni De Como original art


Max Frezzato painting used for the 2010 Lucca Comics Festival poster and program

Max Frezzato door - Side 1

Max Freezzato - Door Side 2

Tiziano, Gary and Fletcher


Day one ends with me falling asleep at the table in a nice little Italian restaurant for about 20 seconds.  So nearly 40 hours since Imy last bit of good sleep, I’m signing off.  Day 2 will probably be non-comic book-y stuff so there may not be an update.  I’ll to keep daily blog updates during the festival’s dates.

Death And Delirium 006 – Death by Marc Hempel

October 19, 2010

Death Holding A White Rose by Marc Hempel

The Death and Delirium Collection

Artist:   Marc Hempel
Date: June 3, 2010
Location: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Note(s): A chance to get on Marc’s commission list in the early spring leads to this amazing piece.

090 – Infinite Kung Fu-tusi by Kagan McLeod

September 19, 2010


Infinite Kung Fu by Kagan McLeod

‘Tusi #: 090

Artist Kagan McLeod
Infinite Kung Fu
Date: May 9, 2010
Location: Toronto Reference Library, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Note(s): Also check out Kagan’s INFINITE KUNG FU site.

Death And Delirium 005 – Death by Mahmud Asrar

September 12, 2010


Death (Sandman, The Endless) by Mahmud Asrar

The Death and Delirium Collection

Artist:   Mahmud Asrar
Date: April 17, 2010
Location: C2E2, McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Note(s): Absolutely gorgeous!

087: Ivy-Tusi Two by Sanya Anwar

September 8, 2010

Poison Ivy by Sanya Anwar

‘Tusi #: 087 

Artist:  Sanya Anwar
Subject: Poison Ivy
Date: March 27, 2010
Location: WW Toronto, Direct Energy Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

Note(s): I saw first saw Sanya’s work (checkout her blog and Deviant Art sites as well) last spring at WW Toronto.  I commissioned a Batusi sketch but had to leave before it was completed.  A friend picked it up for me but we didn’t get a chance to meet again until Fan Expo 2010 to make the exchange.  Totally worth the wait.  

In the course of getting web links for Sanya,  I stumbled across her blog and read that she was at Fan Expo…and I never noticed.  D’OH!

Not Batusi: SCARLET by Alex Maleev

September 5, 2010

SCARLET by Alex Maleev

Artist:   Alex Maleev
Date: August 29, 2010
Location: Fan Expo Canada, MTCC North Building, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Note(s): Alex is one of my favourite artists.  He is is also one of my favouite people in comics.  I was blown away by this piece.  The scan does not do it justice.

I accidentally scanned it in black & white and WOW!