009: Uncanny X-Tusi

Uncanny X-Men Doing The Batusi

Uncanny X-Men Doing The Batusi

‘Tusi #: 009
ArtistTom Fowler
Subject: Uncanny X-Men
Date: September 11, 2008
Location: Somewhere in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Notes: I originally approached Tom about a Batusi commission in Feb/08 but he was busy with a “secret project”.  We touched base again in July at a  comic convention.  He promised me that once he was finished with the “secret project” that he would do something I’d really love.  On September 11/08, in my inbox was an e-mail with an attachment that almost knocked me of my seat.

The Uncanny X-men of my childhood doing the Batusi was more than I was expecting.  I was immediately drawn to the two wallflowers and burst out laughing.  It took 3 days of fruitless research and then I had to e-mail Tom back to find out who the second wallflower was.  Turned out it was a Jack Kirby creation known as the Shocker that Tom had found in an issue of  Captain America.

Tom was right, I really do love it.  Thank you, Mr. F!

Bonus: The commission is done on the back of a page that was going to be used in Mysterius #1

UPDATED APRIL 1, 2009:  Broke the sketch up into 2 scans and have posted them below so you can read the exchange between Nightcrawler and The Shocker.

Up Close #1

Up Close #1

Up Close #2

Up Close #2


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