The Rules of DTB Sketches

The primary idea behind the Doing The Batusi sketch theme is to let an artist choose the subject and have fun.   I’ve found that the less restrictions you have on a sketch request, the better the results.  (An added bonus is that this allows an artist to not draw his ‘700th Wolverine popping his claws’ sketch that day.  Or ‘Supergirl but nude and her pubic hair shaved like the “S” symbol so you can tell it is her’.  )

Here are the rules of DTB:

  1. Artist chooses the subject.
  2. Subject cannot be Batman.
  3. Subject does not have to be limited to only comic books and comic book characters.  Characters from TV shows, movies, books, sci-fi, or real-world friends/enemies work for me too.
  4. Subject must be doing the Batusi dance
  5. Subject cannot be Batman.
  6. Have fun

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