Welcome to Doing The Batusi, a site that will focus on my comic book art sketch theme of the Batusi dance that I began in early 2008.

I love to obtain convention sketches from different artists at any convention/event I attend but I hated asking for specific characters in specific poses.  Many sketch collectors I met had themes for their sketchbooks.  Some collected specific characters, some specific teams.

I wanted something different, something like Walt Parrish’s CLIFF theme, the first dedicated ‘non-traditional’ theme I discovered while looking for Grendel images about 2-3 years back.

My Doing the Batusi theme was inspired by Mike Allred and his work in DC Comics’ SOLO.  I bought this issue solely based on the cover image of Wonder Girl doing the Batusi,  There were two great images of Batman and Mister Miracle in Batusi poses inside the book.

I hope you find it fun and enjoyable.   My gratitude in advance to all the artists who have or will be contributing to this collection.  And last but not least, a special thank you to Mitchell Breitweiser for starting it all off with a bang!

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